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Our experts provide international services to overcome the complexity and nuance of legal compliance and regulation in foreign jurisdictions.

Companies are increasingly seizing the opportunity to do business overseas (or across borders at least!). We provide attorneys an opportunity to expand the services and expertise they offer existing clients with on-demand international services so their law firm can improve client retention and service provision.

VPS assists companies with anti-money laundering (AML)  and know your client (KYC) services through its team of experienced AML/KYC  professionals. With backgrounds from both law firms and corporate legal  departments, VPS compliance professionals have a broad range of AML/KYC  experiences. Agile provides companies with access to a team of AML/KYC  professionals able to assist with identity verifications, registrations, monitoring, and  reporting for fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. 

VPS Legal assists companies with a range of directorship and management services through its team of experienced governance professionals. With backgrounds from law firms, corporate legal departments, and management of companies, VPS’s team of highly qualified professional directors and managers have a broad range of corporate management experiences and capabilities.

VPS assists U.S. and global companies with process agent services related to structured finance, contracts, capital transactions, and International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements. Appointing VPS as agent ensures your agreements will be receiving the decades of experience our senior team of legal professionals possess.

Understanding the variations in deals and structures, VPS provides process agent services designed and priced for your transaction. With flat, fixed fees our pricing is predictable and simple.

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