About Us

Virtual Paralegal Services provides law firms with access to an on-demand team of senior level, experienced paralegals and legal professionals across a range of practice areas.

Who is Virtual Paralegal Services?

Virtual Paralegal Services (VPS) is the legal support team for law firms and companies throughout the United States and internationally, providing a personalized approach with the depth and breadth of a full service paralegal staff.  A virtual team assembled from an international pool of paralegals, VPS paralegals represent some of the best in the world.

Since 2006, VPS has been offering senior paralegal services across a range of practice areas including corporate, transactional, M&A, litigation, securities and Blue Sky, labor & employment, real estate, and contract administration.

VPS allows law firms and companies to improve productivity, maximize resources, and control expenses by providing variable cost paralegal support, eliminating the overhead of recruiting, hiring, and managing full-time legal support staff. In addition, when you engage VPS, you aren’t just hiring a single paralegal, you are hiring a team of experienced professionals ready to assist with your project needs.

Why On-Demand Legal Support?

By using Virtual Paralegal Services, you engage a support team focused on providing professional paralegal services. VPS has built its operations around client needs and demands ensuring that your preferences and instructions persist long after a single project is completed. Although VPS provides you with a single point of contact with a long tenure, VPS captures your instructions in its client management tool in order to maintain your service experience on future projects regardless of the paralegal with whom you may work. In addition, the work product and knowledge base you build up with your paralegal is invaluable. Understanding projects and your own clients’ needs is critical to making you successful – no one likes repeating information, especially when you are paying for it. Losing that proprietary knowledge when a part-timer leaves is expensive and frustrating.

Part-time paralegals through temporary staffing companies leave frequently, and the work and time you invest in them to understand your business and firm leaves with them. You won’t experience that with Virtual Paralegal Services since it captures that information in its client management system and trains paralegals on your preferences as projects require new talent and expertise.

Depth and Breadth of Talent

When you engage VPS, you aren’t engaging just one paralegal, limited by that one person’s experience. You are engaging a solid team of experienced paralegals across a range of practice areas, eliminating the need to hire additional help when projects require different expertise. VPS paralegals also have 10+ years’ experience within their fields. You won’t get this depth and breadth of experience in a single paralegal through a temporary staffing company.

Agile and Efficient

Because VPS provides services on-demand with no hourly minimums or contract terms, you better enable your firm and business to adapt quickly to changing business demands while running at optimal cost efficiency. In addition, you can ramp up for large projects with the capability and talent of a big firm or legal department – all without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing staff.

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