Virtual Paralegal Services™


Virtual Paralegal Services™ (“VPS”) is a team of senior level paralegals providing on-demand paralegal services to law firms and corporations. 

Whether you need quick research, help on a specific project, or on-going assistance, VPS strengthens your legal team as an experienced, affordable and fast-responding team member.

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Variable Cost

Flexible; no hourly minimums or contract commitments. You can start and stop services as you need them saving considerable costs when compared to hiring costs or temporary staffing solutions.


Broad; Agile gives you access to a team of professionals to support your many legal support needs expanding your capabilities when compared to the singular skills of a single hire or temp.


Established; Agile’s people have 10+ years’ experience within their practice areas and come from big law and corporate legal backgrounds making them more efficient and effective without a learning curve.


Proven; Agile’s vigorous testing and qualifying process in addition to its ongoing development and training ensures you get results removing the guess work often made when hiring employees or engaging temps.

Helping You Control Costs & Increase Revenues

Outsourcing paralegal services to VPS allows you to control costs and increase revenues while securing the competitive advantage of accessing senior-level paralegal assistance.

Focus on your business and managing risk while relying on VPS for in-house paralegal support.
Increase your capacity and adapt quickly to client needs and demands while trusting VPS for paralegal support.
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I have been a client of VPS since founding my solo corporate practice over two years ago. As a one-person firm, I rely on VPS for everything from corporate filings and amendments, to UCC searches to assistance with billing and bookkeeping.
Jerry O’Connor, Esq.
O’Connor Law Office, P.C., Boston, MA
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Why Virtual Paralegal Services?

We’ve built a legal services team you can trust. Our business model is designed to be flexible so we can provide you with access to a team of experienced legal support professionals when you need them most. Whether you need us to fill in the gap, assist with specialized needs, or you simply need more time to focus on the big picture, we’ve got you covered. We help expand your capabilities and control cost in the U.S. and abroad. We’re Agile and we’re ready when you are.

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Virtual Paralegal Services™​ provides services nationwide with numerous supporting office locations.