Trusts & Estates

VPS manages the estate settlement process from start to finish and assists attorneys with document drafting, review, and filing. VPS`s team of trusts and estates paralegals have experience in both trusts and estates law firms as well as working in probate courts. VPS services include the following:
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Drafting estate documents including: Health Care Directives and Proxies, Power of Attorney, Wills, Living Trusts, Declaration of Homestead, Transfer Deeds, and Life Insurance Trusts
  • Estate tax research and planning
  • Estate modeling integrating financial and behavioral impact
  • Probate and Litigation
  • Draft and edit petitions and supporting documents required for probate, conservatorship, and trust administration.
  • Investigations and legal research regarding contested wills, trust, conservatorship challenges, entitlement issues, and creditor claims
  • Draft and edit petitions in response to contests
  • Review estate planning documents and prepare summaries and analysis
  • Review and organize records maintained by fiduciaries, decedents, and proposed conservatees
  • Prepare inventories, real estate transfer deeds, change of ownership reports, exclusion claims for reassessment and supplemental documents required to facilitate the transfer of real estate
  • Prepare distribution plans for probate administration under the terms of wills and the laws of intestate succession.
  • Draft fiduciary accountings, attorney fee declarations, and supplements to perfect pleadings in response to inquiries by probate attorneys and examiners
  • Assist with trial preparation by drafting trial memoranda, managing data bases, exhibits and document production
  • Draft and edit gift tax and federal estate tax returns (forms 706 and 709).
  • Manage and secure confidential contracts, settlement agreements, and correspondence
  • Trust Administration
  • Prepare sub trust allocation schedules and distribution plans pursuant to terms of governing trust documents
  • Manage trust administration and maintain files and compliance calendars
  • Prepare and send notices and alerts to beneficiaries
  • Prepare and file required documentation for distributions and taxes
  • Trust entity compliance and maintenance services

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