Minute Books and Company Records

Virtual Paralegal Services (“VPS”) provides the following services regarding minute books and company records books:

  • Initial Minute Books - created at incorporation/formation
  • Tabbed sections for each set of organization documents
  • An easy reference summary sheet providing all company information
  • A qualification chart (for multiple state registrations)
  • Minute Book Management Services
  • Physical custody and holding of minute books in our U.S. or international office locations
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates to minute books
  • Reconstruction Services - for lost or out of date minute books
  • Cost-effectively research domestic and foreign state filings
  • Compile records from closing materials and other sources to reconstruct the history of the company
  • Recommend any amendments to the company’s charter or bylaws that may be beneficial based on updated state laws
  • Prepare minute book including summary sheet and minute book index
  • Prepare directors’ and stockholders’ consents as necessary to ratify prior actions
  • Prepare qualification chart listing all states where company is qualified together with dates of qualification/registered for the minute book
  • Follow up on any annual report filings and/or good standing issues
  • Reinstate company in any applicable states
  • Track and recreate stock history
  • Create loss affidavits and replacement stock certificates
  • Prepare secretary’s certificate attesting to correct records (if required) Also see Stock Issuance

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