Litigation Support

Virtual Paralegal Services serves a comprehensive litigation project management function across all aspects of the litigation lifecycle, from investigative claims and initial receipt of service of process through settlement or final disposition.  VPS’s litigation paralegals specialize in managing broad types of litigation and claims from personal injury to commercial litigation.  Whether its serving as a broad litigation support team to small firm practices or acting as litigation coordinator for midsize companies, VPS provides clients with an effective, turnkey solution to manage litigation.

  • Litigation Project Management
  • Utilize, create, or establish procedures to organize, coordinate, and retrieve information and documents
  • Create and maintain electronic case files (which would correspond to physical files)
  • Provide regular project updates and case status notifications
  • Ensure compliance with filing requirements and manage case dockets
  • Coordinate relevant parties, tasks, and responsibilities
  • Early Stage & Discovery
  • Investigating and researching claims
  • Early case assessments
  • Assist with electronic document organization/production, including indexing of documents and maintaining files
  • Interact with clients and outside parties, such as government agencies, expert witnesses, corporations, and opposing counsel to gather information or data
  • Review and analyze documents for production; categorize documents by subject; prepare chronologies of facts; create charts; perform calculations and statistical analysis; review transcripts for specific references
  • Review and draft correspondence, interrogatories and requests for production of documents (and responses), as well as financial statements and any other pleadings or routine legal documents
  • Conduct factual research and gather relevant information from various resources (i.e. internet, libraries, etc.)
  • Prepare for depositions, including compiling documents relevant to the deponent, including compiling exhibits
  • Digest transcripts to summarize highlights of a proceeding or search for specific issues
  • Perform public records research of all kinds (i.e. dockets, bankruptcy dockets, secretary of state records, etc.)
  • Trial
  • Prepare for trial, including: electronic organization of exhibits, files and all other supporting documents
  • Assist with the preparation of motions, including electronically compiling relevant documents, proofreading and putting together exhibits and indexing documents for a table of contents
  • Electronically prepare binders per witness, which contain interview memos, digests and relevant documents
  • Electronically prepare binders for any subject matter
  • Conduct various document searches and factual research, including electronic searches when applicable
  • Jury monitoring services – click here for more information on VPS’s jury monitoring services
  • Post-Trial
  • Analyze and review various documents to determine the necessary information, including compilation of findings
  • Perform factual research to identify issues and relevant matters
  • Cite and fact check legal briefs; electronic assembly of exhibits and appendices for court papers
  • Compile information concerning issues identified by attorneys and prepare documentation or statistics, charts, graphs, databases, etc. as appropriate which clearly detail the findings

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