General Corporate

When VPS forms an entity for our attorney clients, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership, we provide the following assistance:

  • Name Verification
  • Checking the name in the state of incorporation/formation.
  • Present solutions to resolve any name conflicts.
  • Draft Incorporation/Formation Documents including indemnification of the officers, directors, managers and/or members.
  • Bylaws or operating agreement.
  • Incorporator’s consent.
  • Organizational directors’ consent or managers/members consent.
  • Prepare minute book.
  • Tax Filings
  • Prepare and obtain EIN (IRS Form SS-4).
  • Prepare and file S-election (IRS Form 2553).
  • Stock and Ownership Interests
  • Stock subscription agreements.
  • Stock certificates.
  • Stock ledger.
  • Stockholders agreement.

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