Bankruptcy Research

Taking on the time intensive aspects of researching and gathering facts, VPS’s commercial bankruptcy and corporate restructuring team enables clients to focus on the more strategic and substantive aspects of the bankruptcy matter. Research assistance includes:

  • Debtor information including entity details, diagramming relationships, creating organizational charts, and ownership structures
  • Leases and contracts review and and abstracting to identify restrictions, obligations, and notice provisions
  • Cash management documentation, organizational charts, bank account diagrams, and outline operational dependencies
  • GOB sales legal research on state and local laws regarding jurisdictional restrictions and prohibitions and lease and related document review for prohibitions
  • Secured creditors research including UCC/lien searches, verification, identifying contact and notice information, legal research, and reviewing financial agreements for relevant provisions
  • Vendors research and review of contracts for relevant provisions and notice requirements; compiling list of critical vendors; drafting motions and conducting legal research to support critical vendor motions
  • Customers research and reviewing contracts for relevant provisions and notice requirements