The Keys to a Successful Privacy Program

Lack of privacy can turn your client’s and your business’s lives upside down. If you’re a business owner, then you know how easy it is to become focused on…

What Indemnification Means for You

Indemnification language is generally the most negotiated, but also the most important, language within any agreement. In layman’s terms, indemnification…

Limitation of Liability Language

As a service provider, one of the most important clauses that should never be forgotten when negotiating a contract is Limitation of Liability Language.

Is Arbitration The Correct Path For You?

Arbitration is an alternative to consider instead of litigation. Will arbitration save you money? What are the pros? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Best Practices for Master Agreements

More often than not, there are several documents which collectively govern business relationships. Before signing a Master Agreement…Governing Documents

Most Common Contract Issues

Clients of law firms we work with are always interested to hear about common contract issues experienced across the industry.

Books and Records Violations Plague Law Firms

According to the Delaware Office of Disciplinary Counsel’s Digest of Lawyer Discipline, approximately 60 percent of complaints against lawyers in 2016 involve, either directly or indirectly, books and records violations. Delaware is not alone.  In fact, books and records violations represent a significant percentage of attorney incidents of misconduct across the country. In Delaware, books […]

Virtual Law Firm State Checklist: Adhere to Requirements

A virtual law office, or virtual law firm, is a law practice that doesn’t have a traditional brick-and-mortar office and largely relies on technology to meet client needs. As technology has become more sophisticated, workforces have become more mobile, and the legal industry is no exception. In a virtual law office, an attorney or group of […]