Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client

Agile Legal assists multi-national companies with anti-money laundering and know your client services through its team of experienced  professionals. With backgrounds from both law firms and corporate legal  departments, Agile compliance professionals have a broad range of competencies. Agile provides companies with access to anti-money laundering and know your client  professionals who can assist with identity verifications, registrations, monitoring, and  reporting for fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Identification and Assessment

Agile’s team of professionals assist with verifying personal and corporate identities, information collection, sanction list screening, UBO checks, and PEP checks, customer due diligence (simplified, basic, and enhanced), and providing risk assessments.


Agile prepares and provides reports in compliance with regulatory reporting requirements such as suspicious activity reports (SAR) related to reportable accounts, related financial account information, and personal information.


Agile continues to monitor activity, media, and identity information and conducts periodic checks to ensure future compliance.


Agile securely and privately maintains this information for inspection by regulators and performs registrations in accordance with local regulations.

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